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During the second Singapore-West Australian Music (WAM) Festival collaboration mid-2014, bittymacbeth was one of the 15 Singaporean artistes shortlisted by Singapore Music Society (SGMUSO) for the consideration of the WAM Festival committee, despite having made her solo debut only six months prior.

Since then, the singer-bassist-songwriter has gone on to release her debut single, Haters Gon' Hate, which charted at #4 on the Apple Music Top R&B/Soul songs and #6 iTunes Top R&B/Soul songs in Singapore. Her second single, Californian Dream featuring Dru as a producer and guitarist, is out on all digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.

A soulful songstress with rich vocals and funky basslines, bittymacbeth is grateful to have performed at Mosaic Music Festival 2013, Timbre Music and Guinness Amplify presents: Singapore Originals - bittymacbeth was the featured artiste of the month in August 2015 - the Esplanade stages and 100+50 bands festival. She will also be playing at Getai Soul on 21 Feb 2016 with likes of Charlie Lim & The Mothership and TAJ.

With the launch of her upcoming album, she will be combining both live-looping and large ensemble live band performance to make music that lights the darkest corners of the soul.

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